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Hi all,

I just saw this topic on and thought that there might be a few of your out there with something to say wink

Besides posting there.  Do you have any Mako stoke to share with us at OR with the other Crew.

- Todd


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Yeah, I have a total of four Makos. An original, two 150 wides and a Mako King.
One of the wides is at our summer house in Portugal. I love all the boards. For me each one has something special to it. My only wood core is my King. So far the foam core ones are doing great. I just seal any nicks in the side with epoxy and they are good to go.


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Mako’s rock - thats all i can say !

I have had every model since they brought out the first ‘wides’ years ago
(only one I haven’t owned is the original 150 x 35) ...

The King’s are definitely the “Caddies” - nothing smoother and as easy on the legs or more fun imo ...
(plus, can rig up smaller size kites with ‘em) ... use ‘em in waves or as a lite wind option - all good.

All I know about the new 2014’s is the Kings only come with pad/straps (not with the full deck pad anymore, which imo will make ‘em lighter)
Looking forward to trying the new straps & pads - they look wicked !
The 140’s not in mutant anymore - only the 150’s and Kings.
(please correct me if I’m wrong)  ... (btw, I’m not a ‘newbie’ - lol)

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Although I’ve only recently got a second hand Mako 135, the short time I’ve ridden it has definitely left an impression.
Soft landings, great in high winds, quick and responsive turns.
Overall just good fun to ride!

Two things I don’t find as good, maybe it’s just the conditions I’ve ridden it in, but I didn’t find it any smoother than my OR Zen 137.
Secondly I know this isn’t the board… but I find the straps uncomfortable; they nip and trap my toes constantly.

Definitely a board I’ll be lending to a lot of people though.

Id just like to add that I also ride with small or no fins.

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I wasn’t convinced in my early years of kiting. Probably because of the unconventional design and negative comments from other local riders - who, incidentally hadn’t even tried the Mako!
I got to demo one of the earlier smaller of the two models and loved it. What I liked most was the smoothness and comfort in choppy water conditions coupled with the easy ability to ride a wave. It to me was an all round board and I wish I’d purchased it back then.
What I have now is the 130 ‘Mini’ Mako. Being around 65 kilos means that this board is ideal for me in all but the lightest of airs. It’s a little pocket rocket, a smooth ride in chop and great on the wave. My only critisism is that because I enjoy riding it so much I either leave my surfboard at home or lying idle on the beach!



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I broke my MAKO 150 wide. I suspect driving over it last year (Toyota FJ) & subsequently repairing the rail may have been a factor !!! The new MAKO 150 (with the mutant option) doesn’t allow the narrow (14”) stance I used previously (measured distance is between the inside bolts. 16” on the new MAKO)  ) To avoid the wide stance I’ve set the straps mutant which allows a 13” stance. I don’t intend to change any fins. Has anyone tried this ?! & whilst I’m on a MAKO thread I’d like to mention how I’m enjoying the MAKO 130 with the 14.5 FLITE !!!


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