First proper flight 12m One, a few observations

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The wind swung offshore so I went to the park with the landboard to have a go. The wind was horrible, 10-25kts with big punchy gusts.

Rigged the 12m One only as a couple others were on crossbow and GK sonic but was quite hesitant, no way would I have put up my C kites in that wind. My other mates were on foils complaining about the gusts.

First go, it was horrible and twitchy but let go and it just edges to side of window and falls to ground, super. Spent maybe 20-30min messing about with settings launching/landing etc. Finally got it set and wow, what gusts?

The kite stays stable with the bar gently moving sheeting up and down taking gusts. Really was quite a strange experience being in complete control. BUT, the kite is unbelievably sensitive to settings, one knot up or down on back lines and it was horrible.

Kite flew upwind easily and extremely lifty.

Tried mates GK sonic for a couple minutes and although he looks really comfortable on it and it has turned him from an average crappy rider like me to a very good rider I gave it back as i didn’t feel comfortable with it.

The punch out/in system is superb, the adjustment with the allen key means you can trim it to whatever setting you like.

My mate on the sonic told me how he sometimes “hot launches” his kite, like an idiot I tried it and i can only recommend that you don’t in gusty winds as it was not a pleasant experience. Once again i am glad I wear a helmet.

The trim strap is very easy to use and works well to adjust the depower. The carrying bag is nice but I don’t fly the bag so no bothered about that.

A few nice extras, bit of velcro to attatch the bridle lines to, doesn’t seem like much but makes a huge difference to packing kite away.

Overall superb bit of kit and can’t wait to get it out on the water to really have a crack.

What didn’t I like?
1. Mine came with no manual and missing a couple of bits, nothing major really but a bit frustrating when I have been waiting for a while to get it.
2. No OR stickers??? Whenever I get a new kite my I promise my 9yr old nephew the stickers for his skateboard. Ya, it’s really trivial but the look of diappointment in a kids eye’s? That hurts.
3. Pump has no pressure guage, not sure why as I thought bows were very sensitive to exact pressure?



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Hey Lester, about the knot settings on the One - I don’t get why it’s an issue.  I’ve been flying my One the last 3 days in a row, but in very light wind; I’ve just been using the “full power setting” on all knots, and then dialing in the trim with the trim strap.  No problemo. 

I’m writing up a proper review right now, but the short version is the kite rocks!  I’ve been going upwind in 10 to 12 knots on a 12 m kite!

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I don’t know why either as I know nothing about kite design. My mates on the sonic and crossbow say the say thing. In normal conditions it’s not so much of a problem but when it’s horrible with big punchy gusts the kite is very sensitive to settings.

That said I just wanted to have a go at the park, I wouldn’t go out on the water in those conditions anyway, the kite is really amazing. Anyone thinking of buying a bow needs to give the “One” it a crack.