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This’ll be short, as I’m posting from Thirsty Point, Western Australia, on a mobile.

The new 16 rocks!  I’ve been riding the 7 and 9 usually out here, but today there’s almost no wind so I tried the 16. 

Nice work guys!  Even severely underpowered, it flew and relaunched very easily.  Felt nice and fast too, despite the light wind.  The 06 was good, but the 07 is great!


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Wade, living the life of a rock star. Mobile phone postings from the edge of Down Under.

So Rad.



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I have just put the 07 16 one on the water.
What a kite!!

There was not enough wind for jumping but we had a modified 06 16 and the 07 flown side by side.
Now the Moded 06 was a good kite but the 07 is the next rung up.
There is not a great difference it just that everything works that little better.
The bar is lighter the turn is faster etc
I can’t wait to get some wind into the beast.