Sess 2, first day on water with OR1, wow!

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I just posted this on kiteforum

First off I have no relationship with the company or any kiteshops in any way. I run my own business as a healthcare provider. I have been kiting off an on since 2002, work long hours, young family and live in an area of that gets neither thermic nor trade winds. Last year I got out a whopping 28 hrs on the water. I will go out year round from 12-35 mph whenever I can squeeze the time (wife and wind permitting) I think I am your average crappy rider which represents the majority of kiters I see. I like to hold as much power as I can and jump, backloop the odd grab, ride toeside, pretty much a low level intermediate rider. My two best moves are probably crashing and bodydragging upwind.

The main driving factor why I bought this kite to replace my 2003 clapped out 9m as i am tired of getting spanked in strong gusty winds. The reason I bought the One was the bar setup after talking with mates who own other bows and of course the price, give or take £250 cheaper than Cabrinha or Naish etc

I used the kite on sunday in the park in horrible gusty winds and it was great.

Build quality is typically OR, these kites can take more abuse than an Al-Qaeda warlord in Guantonimo Bay.

Today the wind was averaging mid 20mph, intermittent driving rain with lulls to mid teens and gusts to low 30’s but not really punchy. 3 deg air temp, I weigh 15 and a bit stone depending on my intake of pizza. There was only one other person desperate as me to get out.

The launch area is pretty gusty as it’s on top of a bit of slope, usually I brick it in these conditions and have someone hold me, but with the One, no problem gently sheet in and out, grab your board and you’re off.

The first thing you notice is a smooth generation of power, the kite turns very quick and gently sheet in and out to control the gusts, no hard edging, biting your bottom lip and dragging your arse in the water.

It goes upwind with ease, I would say maybe 10deg better than any other kite I have owned.

Jumping was amazing, really lifty but not that yanked off the water feeling. I felt like i was cheating. I jumped higher than I ever have but was honestly holding back as the water was shallow in case I stacked it (which i do a lot). Landing was smooth even when you get nailed by a gust, just sheet out, dive the kite and go.

Relaunch was simple as I crashed quite a few times, just pull on the back lines, up she goes, sheet out, no drama.

The cleat system to depower works really well, very comfortable, I like it much better than using the depower strap on my C kites. No more poo man position reaching for the depower strap and shooting downwind when getting nailed by big gusts, it’s right beside the chicken loop.

The thing I like the best is the punch up/punch in system and that’s what sold me on the kite. You can adjust the tension (and even lock it right off if you are crazy enough) so the bar rides against the stopper, just a touch more firm pressure and it releases. Pull it back in firmly to reset it. All the benefits of a bow and the ease of a C kite, superb. Check out OR website for pics.

In summary great bit of kit, can’t fault it, it’s smooth and lifty. If you are like me and want to progress, don’t get out a lot and live in an area where the wind is mostly gusty give this thing a demo. You won’t be disapointed.



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Hey Lester,

Great to hear you are stoked with your kite, it just serves to make me jealous as hell that the kite you are reviewing was meant to fall into my personal quiver!

C’mon John, sort me out with my demo ONE, I’m itchin’ now!



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roll on Sunday…. if it’s anything like the right conditions…. it’s water time :D :D


16m one, session harness and a pyro pro equipped….. 9 on the way soon!