2006 16m One

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Well finally got to use the kite today in 20 km/h wind on snow, sometime lighter.  Was very pleased with the kite, I will not use this kite in any lighter then that, when the wind really dropped the kite fell out of the sky a light rider was still able to fly 9m waroo not very fast.  I bought the kite second hand, I noticed plastic sheets over the steering lines from the bar up a few feet, I made up my mind and they have to go, seems to make one line shorter then the other with kinks and stuff.  Very smooth Kite, I can see how the 07 being lighter will be great.  The kite turn plenty fast for me compared to my 2005 18m Bronco, and very light in my hands, the 18m was a lot of work.  Glad I got to use it, will be upgrading in the fall so I have to make up my mind what I’m going to get, Rise One what combination.  I’m dying to get the new center line depower with the stopper system, I must say the plastic thing with screw *%&%(%( I didn’t bother using it.

Thanks O.R. very impressed, I can see this kite pulling tons and very exited about using in the water.



Kiting is great can’t wait to retire so I can do it full time.  Bring on the wind.


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Those sleeves over your rear lines come in handy when you need to water launch your kite. They should stay on, but they shouldn’t have kinks ?! I hope you’ve done mod #2 ... It makes all the difference in light air.


Big Wave Dave your one stop weather site for S. Van. Island…