The ONE rocks!!!!

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Had one since before christmas, and sessions have been ok. Kite has been good but never felt like it was amazing. Until sunday, got some real winds down here on the gower this week and been out on my 9m ONE 06 and loved it when ive thort it slow and unresponsive has been to do with the way ive been flying it, unhooked its a beast, lift at 12 by simply pulling the bar in is awesome getting enuf height to pull off double backloops (ive only jst learnt how to do them :D) going to pembrey today meant to be some serious wind, forecast was 40mph. just had to have a rant at how much i now love the ONE, especially in crazy winds.

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Good to hear Marshall…send some picks in if you have any. Always love to see great shots from around the globe. Peace.