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Getting on for two weeks with no decent wind now here in the UK!!!!

Getting very stressfull!





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same holds for Dutchland…  :cry: 3-4 BFT max, sunshine and temps in the mid 20’s - who needs that, just gimme clouds, even rain but most importantly wind

looking at all the people enjoy the sun i think i have to start some anger management therapy soon or i’ll convert to full time alcoholism…

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Hi Ben at least two of us suffering then. Nothing forecast for the immediate future either.

Doldrums big time. I’m dying here.

might have to take up fishing or golf!!!  :shock:  :D


The only kiter in the Village


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You guys need your spirits lifted.
This rodeo clown is laying an offering at my Diana temple just for you… in hopes of wind.
May the winds rise for you soon, and quench the spritual side of your being…

The spiritual side of kitesurfing, for this clown, is the invisible force.
A force you share with a craft so responsive and nimble that it is like an extension you own self.
This is what really matters most, and what I love.
A force you cannot see, only the effect it has on your environment around you,  the way it distorts the water, the way it moves the trees, the way it burns the skin on your face even though there might be no sun in sight. 
This is the really cool part, even though this force is invisible, it seems to move a lot like a substance you can see, water.
Your body tells you that you are completly immersed in the same forces even though your mind is sending you rational signals that it is not.
Kitesurfing amplifies this force since its entire energy is routed through spectra into your living tissue and into the board beneath your feet. 
The power of the invisible force is a frightening thing at times with this set up, and the only way to control it is with committment.
Committing your entire self to a force many times greater than you is a spiritual journey that cleanses you.
While you are involved, there is little room in your mind for thoughts other than what you are trying to acheive with the craft.
This might be the only time in your day when you are focused completely on one single thing.
The groove.
This is a tonic of health for humans seemingly surrounded by a multi-task environment of constant low level tension.
This is why we are here, right now, at this moment in time.
This is our savior.

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Craig, have you been watching star wars?(just kidding).

I feel your pain gang, been on the phone to the samaritans, they didn’t seem as sympathetic as you’d think.

Tried all sort of funky wind dances http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=2776477615464049299 nothing has been successful, n ot even a weak sea breeze in sight.

6 weeks until 2nd kiddie comes Benjamin, then mother-in-law over for a couple months. I’ll be down Camber during that time for a sess and will drop you a bell.


Lester :shock:

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[quote author=“craig myers”]
A force you share with a craft so responsive and nimble that it is like an extension you own self.

3 words NOMAD KITEBOARD DEVELOPMENT like they are molded to ur feet.