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Old school, throw down, fist fighting brawl…

Sales and Marketing are a battle these days with brands like Best pimping their gear all over the internet. Many of you have now had an opportunity to fly and try the new Rise kite and we need your help getting the word out on this phenomenal kite and its massive pull.

Please hit the forums, kiteforum , iKitesurf , Skypilot , nw kite and any other forum you frequent (list them on this thread please!) Please be honest in your expression of opinion, no one likes blatant pimping, but we would very much like to get the word out that the new RISE is a super fast turning kite that has MASSIVE pull and that you can effectively fly a 4m smaller size than other kites. We expect this to be a very controversial statement and we need your help in backing it up!

Please take it upon yourselves to stay on top of various threads that develop, as it always helps to keep threads active and high on the forums.

If you are stoked on your gear and want the world to know, tell them!

Cheers Crew! - John Z