Very Light Wind Rise


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We all know the new RISE is a VERY poweful kite. As such, you can get out with it in some very light wind conditions!

However, in really light winds you may find that the kite can fall from the sky! This is obviously not a desirable. If this happens to you on an ultra light wind day sheet the bar out because your kite is likely stalling! You can then also take a bit of trim out of the kite to help prevent the stall.

However, if you expect this to happen because the wind is just so darn light consider doing this too!

You can move the rear attachments (only!) forward to the most forward setting. Don’t move the front (pulley) attachment, only the rears. This will help prevent the kite from stalling, though may slow the turning speeds of the kite slightly.

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Moving the rear attachment to the ‘slow’ setting (#1) was a huge help today in lite (7-12) knot conditions. It still turns just fine but the kite was more positive. Thanks O.R… :D


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