I modded the rise even further! and made it MORE powerful!


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I got bored with the light winds so i took all the pigtails off my friends 10m naish raven and whacked them on my 10 rise… adding a 5th line Y bridle and direct front line attatchment to where the pulley normally goes. i then flew it on the double depower bar.

the backlines were way too long but it still pulled more than it did on the bridle.. the turning was even better than with the bridle and direct backline mod…and with a bit of tweaking i reckon it would work really well smile be warned though the depower is like a full on c kite and i had to use the double depower at which point it depowered nicely flapping smile i might play with getting the 5th line spacing and line lengths right and see if it makes a good light wind setup….


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So there is no bridal now?It sounds like a C kite to me :D