OR Rise vs CB 3

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Has anyone tried both of these kites ? I bought 2 new CB 3’s 9&12; m this fall and have been dissappointed with the performance. Had prevoiusly flown 06 ozone instinct and 06 waroo and been fairly happy except for normal wear and tear. The CB’s just seem pretty slow with the pulley system -the OR 08 was not yet available. Thinking about trading them in and adding a 6m kite. Anybody try both?  Also, any chance of a dealer down here in the gorge/oregon coast? Its not that far from Vancouver guys!

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PM sent… 

But having tried the CB 2 and the Rise.. the rise wins in turning speed, jumping, hang time, and feel.

I have a demo fleet in the Pacific NW, and would be happy to send one your way if you are interested..