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Hey all
im planning on coming to canada next year in feb or march next year for uni. Anyways my first year ill be in Calgary and was wondering wat spots ther are and wat quiver i would need? yes i ride ocean rodeo smile

after that ill be in Vancouver but probably check it out in this summer so would like all the info i can get please on spots,people and kite quiver

Last thing i wana say is Ocean Rodeo One is da best Kite i ever bought.
For those of you who work for OR you will know Kitesports NZ that i actually work for as an instructor and got to know bout your kites that way.
Best kite investment ever made :D
heres my 1st attempt at a landboarding vid wit my One


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it wouldnt let me post da link 1st time but here it is


comments on improvments would be of great help


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Hi southie smile  enjoyed watching your video-very well done. I’m in the UK so can’t offer any advice on quiver, riding spots etc. in Canada. I’m sure you’ll get a stack of replies before too long though. As for riding tips it all looked cool to me. I’m no expert and i’ll echo your comments on the OR gear. I have the 07 7m One and at my light weight love it in anything from 17mph upwards. You should try the Rise a.s.a.p. Best wishes pilgrim :!:



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thanx man.its my first landboarding one so hope to make some better ones soon and maybe a kiteboarding one smile ive even got a new trick for my next video: surface handlepass

yeah i love my One LOL  At the shop i work at we have recieved a few of the Rise but the fact that its a hybrid kinda makes me not want to try it. I love it that i can use one kite all the time and learn to fly it at its optimum instead having a few kites that all fly different.
As i can see everybody is raving about the Rise so i think i might try it and find out wat all the fuss is about.

so Ocean Rodeo gaining popularity in Europe to?



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Get in touch with Jeff Doepeker from to ask about Calgary conditions but based on the gear I send him an 8/12 quiver would likely be perfect for you…unless you weigh more than 200lbs, in which case the quiver would be a 10/14.

As for coastal riding in and around Vancouver check these sites out: - Vancouver - Vancouver Island and Victoria

The gear here is generally 8m’s with the occasional 12m thrown in on a lighter day. In the summer the wind is almost always 20-25 knts.

Safe travels!