Low end Rise 12 07 vs Rise 12 08

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Hi,as anyone tried the low end of the Rise 12 07 compared with the Rise 12 08.
It looks to me the rise 07 as better low end but i hadn´t the chance to compare them.



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The low end is the same execpt I’d say, but you need less skill on the low end on the 08… because the vents prevent it from stalling big time… also the vents reduce the sheet distance of the bar…

The vents excell in gusts and lulls as well (It’s gusty here). The rise is less likely to stall on lulls… The LE is just the right size not to overfly along with the balance of the kite… Very forgiving on missed tricks…

The 07 is a great Kite! But the 08 is just better… When you really think of even just the Shock Strip and Venturi… Wow, no other kite out there comes close….


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The low end grunt on both kites is about the same, but the 08 is more efficient so you can go upwind in less wind than the 07.

The 08 has a WAY bigger top end though, turns much faster, feels more direct, and has a lot less bar pressure.




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Hey Evan - in regards to your comments on turning speed, bar pressure and feel, is this still true if you have put the 2008 bridle on a 2007 kite?

Thanks for the feedback, haven’t had a chance to try the 2008’s yet, so any info is welcomed!