What changed on the Punch-up bar?

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Originally we did not like some early issues we identified with the bar design. This has been addressed and the few lucky people who received kites from the first shipment of One kites that went out in January have, for the most part, received re-fit kits to easily upgrade their bars to our new design.


How has the bar changed and what didn’t work?


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As I have explained to most dealers the issues identified with the orrigional bars that we shipped were minor and easily re-fitted. We did need to source some new parts though, and hence the delay.

The orrigional bar had the upper and lower stopper balls connected by a sprectra line and were held in place with internal plugs in the trim line. What we found was that the lower stopper ball’s plug would, over time, work its way out of the spectra trim line and prevent the lower stopper from properly “seating” on this (supposedly) internal plug.

This meant that the upper stopper ball could no longer be re-set on the plug with a sharp bang down on the lower stopper as the lower stopper had its travelling distance curtailed. If a user simply removed this lower plug the system would work but the lower stopper would tend to ride up with bar movement and the spectra line joining the two stoppers could then potentially bind or tangle around the bar.

The solution was simple. We have removed the lower plug and sourced a highly durable nylon cable to connect the two stoppers. This cable is both flexible enough to allow proper bar usage and stiff enough to prevent the lower stopper ball from riding up.

Re-fit kits made available to existing users of the bar simply ask users to remove the lower plug and insert the nylon cable, using a lighter or (in our case) heat gun to bead the ends and hold it in place.



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Thank you for taking the time to explain it.

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You know what?  It is so refreshing hearing the word from OR, laid out with no flash and just the facts.

Fixes like this on the fly and the upfront attitude of OR should be standard across the industry.