Any issues with shortening the depower rope

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Can any of you guru’s tell me if I’ll be putting myself at risk by shortening my depower line by about 20cm (amsteel) I think it’s called.

The issue I have is that I find it excessively long and when I need to self land I can’t reach the ball on the front line to attach to. I know you can try and pull in a few feet and grab it, but when the wind is nuking I’ve had the kite fall back in the window and power up when I’ve been slow to grab it. I then proceed to crap my pants, as it’s similar to a hot launch in about 20 knots.

I’m currently trialling it shortened and I feel safer as I can reach the safety on full stretch. I’ve also still got more depower available than I’ve ever needed. I threw the safety in the shallow waters yesterday to test if it would depower, which it did but only to the point it laid LE down with slight pull. This is why I’m not 100% sure if I should cut it, as then it’s permanent.

If anyone else has done this and has feedback or another solution to not being able to grab the safety I’d appreciate it. I don’t like modifying stuff to much because it’s obviously had a lot of time put into the R&D and it comes that way for a reason.

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I would be worried about this approach if you still leashed off of the end of the trim line, as it will effectivly shorten the length of line used to de-power the kite if flagged out on a trim line leash.

So, if you are doing this….be sure to:

1) shorten the outside leaders by 1/2 the length you shorten the trim line by in order to not affect the trim of the kite
2) Leash off the front line to ensure the kite properly de-powers.