Fly a Trainer


Every kiteboarder needs to start with a trainer kite, no matter what your background you cannot hope to kiteboard without a keen sense of how a kite is flown and they are great to have later to fly with friends! Time with a trainer kite is invaluable as you progress and will save you money spent on lessons if you come to your lessons fully proficient with a trainer kite!

Trainer Kites

Inflatable Trainer Kite

The Ocean Rodeo 4-line inflatable trainer kite is a scaled down, fully functioning version of our larger kites. Mastery of this model is the surest way to accelerate the learning process when you book in for your first water lessons.

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$50.00 CREDIT!

Each inflatable trainer kite comes with a $50 coupon towards on-water lessons with participating Ocean Rodeo Learn to Kite Centers!


Our 2 line ram-air foil kites offer a cost effective and fun way to get your kiteboarding career off and running. These kites offer a simple, direct feel of the power and steering of a kite. Fun for all ages and levels of experience, these kites are the simplest way to get a taste of what kiteboarding offers.

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