Ocean Rodeo stands behind its equipment and its customers.

Time and time again our riders tell us our warranty and customer service are second to none.

In addition to our already outstanding customer service and warranty support we also offer our 100% Guarantee. Buy any current year Ocean Rodeo product and, if not 100% satisfied, return it within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked. Please visit oceanrodeo.com for more info or call your dealer today to take advantage of this industry 1st.

You can read what existing customers have to say about Ocean Rodeo’s products, customer service and warranty here.

Ocean Rodeo, Performance Over Hype!

Available only within the EU and North America. You will be responsible for the shipping expenses associated with your purchase. No other administrative expenses will be applied. Refund cannot be used to repurchase the same equipment (come on!) Contact your local dealer for more information. However, please also respect the fact that this offer is made to ensure you're happy with your purchase. Please be respectful of us and not misuse the program to return damaged or otherwise mistreated equipment. Basically, don't be that guy.