Prodigy Kite Complete & Origin Board

1st Ride Package

Everything you need to get started!

Welcome to your newest addiction! As a new kiter making your initial purchase can be stressful. We've taken all that stress away with the perfect combination of gear to get you up wind and riding quickly on industry leading gear that will last you for many seasons to come!

Kites have evolved incredibly since the sport's early days but even in just the last few seasons some massive jumps have been made. We engineered our incredibly popular Prodigy Kite to be the simplest kite to fly - ever, the result? Our best selling kite - ever. The Prodigy offers ultra simple re-launch, incredible stability in flight (no luffing over, no backing up!), predictable turning and perfectly balanced tow points to pull you up wind with ease.

Couple the Prodigy with our Freeride or Fusion Bar and you'll add confidence with industry standard push away release system, simple below the bar trim and an easily adjustable stopper ball, all in a simple to understand, no frills package that makes bar maintenance simple.

Under your feet you want a stable, nimble platform to both learn on and enjoy for years to come. Welcome to the Origin! At 142 x 42cm the Origin offers a stable, easy to ride platform that planes up quickly and gives you plenty to push against if the wind picks up. But with narrow 33cm nose and tail the board corners like it's on rails, making this board a fun choice for years to come!

We're stoked to get you out and on the water. If you're considering any other gear - used or new - email us with a link to what you're considering and one of our sales guys will respond with an honest assessment of it's strengths and weaknesses for your specific riding style, location and budget. Honest, no pressure sales - we want you safe and stoked.


1st Ride Package