Fusion Kite Bar

Fusion Bar

48cm and 55cm. The Fusion Bar offers Freestyle performance with below the bar trim.

The Fusion Bar offers riders the perfect Fusion between our Freestyle and Freeride bars, with Freestyle performance features and below the bar trim and leash attachment as well as a tension adjustable sliding stopper ball to adjust potential bar throw.

When combined with ourRoll Over Bridle System, featured on all of our kites and available for re-fit to previous year's Rise kites the Fusion bar offers riders near total de-power in the event of a full safety release, rolling the kite onto its back to await re-launch.

100% guarantee

Fusion Bar Upgrade

Easier Trim Adjustment!

Applies to 2011 and 2012 Fusion Bars

Find the Fusion bar trim difficult to adjust? Make this easy to apply modification and you'll be amazed at how much smoother the trim is!

You will only need 1 steel O ring. Contact your local dealer or Ocean Rodeo direct for the stainless ring.

Download a pdf for the Fusion Bar Upgrade here