132 x 40 CM

JT Pro Board 132 x 40 CM

142 x 43 CM

JT Pro Board 142 x 43 CM

JT Pro Freestyle

Now in its sixth year, the JT-Pro is the quintessential performance twin tip in the Ocean Rodeo quiver.

This proven board has a responsive, snappy feel with easy-to-access pop whether you’re just getting into unhooking and loading a rail or want to fire out the ballsiest F-16s on the beach. The high performance potential doesn’t come at the expense of ride comfort; take this board outside of the pro pool and into the liquid kickers with confidence.

Coming in at 132 x 40 & 142 x 43 all sizes are compatible with straps or boots and are finished with liquid resin rails, Duraclear top and bottom treatments and a blended wood & carbon core to soak up the harshest of punishments, regardless of your terrain.

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