135 x 37 cm

Mako 135x37 Kite Board

140 x 40 cm

Mako140x40 Kite Board

150 x 40 cm

Mako 150x40 Kite Board

Mako King
165 x 44 cm

Mako King Kite Board

Mako Boards The most enduring kitesurf board, ever.

Since 2002, the Mako has enjoyed an unassailable reputation and cult following as the ultimate ‘real world’ twin tip.

Whether you ride it in short-fetch chop, the leeward shore of a lagoon or rolling ocean waves, the experience is the same: ultra smooth freeride performance.

Known worldwide for its distinctive oval outline and deep concave look, the Mako delivers a fluid carving, huge jumping board in a uniquely designed and stylized board shape!

Available in 4 different sizes, the Mako lineup offers Freeride enthusiasts of all backgrounds a board suited to their riding style and size while the wood core ensures your board will survive the rough and tumble coastal conditions this board is built to perform in.

The Mako 135 & 140 are ready to ride in conventional Twin Tip mode while the 150 & 165 can be set up for Twin Tip or Mutant style riding.

Sizes: 135, 140, 150, 165

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  • Wood Core Construction! More durability with faster flex response.
  • Duraclear top and bottom for extreme durability
  • Tapered ABS rails to take the hits
  • Massive 18mm Concave to smooth out chop and deliver hard carving performance.
  • Rugged snowboard style construction
  • Contoured 3D EVA foot pads and new adjustable straps.
  • Mako 150 & 165 can be set up in Mutant or conventional Twin Tip mode, 135 and 140 offer only Twin Tip configuration.

Mako 150 Stance Settings PDF


  • Mako Twin Tip Freeride - 135x37 & 140x40
  • Mako Twin Tip & Mutant Freeride - 150x40 & 165x45

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