Razor Kite

Razor C SLE Explosive Freestyle

When the day demands a quick, agile and powerful weapon, the Razor answers the call. Four generations in, the Razor is our most successful kite to date. Built around a muscular 4-strut canopy augmented with FST wingtips and Venturi technology, this kite is dialed for precise handling and explosive power.

The purebred geometry promotes a potent forward-flying experience across a massive wind range allowing riders to commit to more critical moves more of the time. Unhooked, the Razor continues its forward attack giving Blitzkrieg pop and big travel for air passes. Back in the loop, insane vertical boosts are there for those that like to ‘send it’. Powered up wave riders will revel in deeper cutbacks, bigger lip smacks and more radical turns.

Compatible with any current Ocean Rodeo bar, the Razor features our Direct Depower system for security in all situations.

Sizes: 7, 8, 9, 10, 12

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The Razor has a much larger built in angle of attack than any of our other kites. This coning produces a kite that is faster turning, more edgy, responsive to bar input and powerful. However, coning can also induce a stall if not properly designed. Venturi Technology introduces vents in the kite canopy which allow clean flowing air to pass through and re-laminate the air flow on the back side of the kite. This laminar air flow keeps the kite flying forward, letting you enjoy all the benefits of the Razor's grunty, highly coned design

Forward Swept Wingtip Technology

Bigger wingtips mean faster turning, greater wind range and easier relaunch. 

By increasing the leverage between your front and back lines FST design gives you the leverage needed to snap your kite around through a turn. It also offers greater sheeting range for the amount of bar input, resulting in greater depower and a more nuanced feel in the bar. 

By sweeping the wingtips forward we also make relaunch easier, propping the kite up off the water and we do all of this without affecting the overall planform or bridle attachment points of the kite, meaning we get the benefits of a larger wingtip without changing any other parameters in the kite's design.

Direct De-power

Designed to fully roll over and disable your kite in the event of an eject or total depower. The Direct De-power System allows for near total depower of your kite and easy, on water reset and relaunch in the event of an eject. Ideal for riders of all levels, beginner to pro.

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