Razor C / SLE Explosive Freestyle

Quick, agile, explosive, daunting: The all new, completely re-designed Razor answers the call.

Nothing less than a ground up re-design of our legendary Razor has produced an angry, beast of a kite, delivering precise handling and explosive power unrivaled by any other kite.

Unhooked, the all new Razor's redistributed weight and design results in a forward flying kite offering massive pop and travel for air passes and critical, just in time landings. Back in the loop, the explosive power offers our most dramatic vertical boost ever engineered. Meanwhile, our radical re-thinking of the bridle and the all new Bridle Lock gives riders the right to choose locked out, old school intimidation or a free flowing, dynamic sheeting range.

The all new Razor is a radical departure from the norm; a synthesis of a decade and a half of constant improvement; a commitment to performance and a tribute to our roots. It's built with a specific rider in mind: step up or make way for those who will.

Sizes: 7, 8, 9*, 10, 12
*Limited edition 9ms available, get yours while numbers last.

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Forward Swept Wingtip Technology

Bigger wingtips mean faster turning, greater wind range and easier relaunch. 

By increasing the leverage between your front and back lines FST design gives you the leverage needed to snap your kite around through a turn. It also offers greater sheeting range for the amount of bar input, resulting in greater depower and a more nuanced feel in the bar. 

By sweeping the wingtips forward we also make relaunch easier, propping the kite up off the water and we do all of this without affecting the overall planform or bridle attachment points of the kite, meaning we get the benefits of a larger wingtip without changing any other parameters in the kite's design.

Direct De-power

Designed to fully roll over and disable your kite in the event of an eject or total depower. The Direct De-power System allows for near total depower of your kite and easy, on water reset and relaunch in the event of an eject. Ideal for riders of all levels, beginner to pro.

Bridle Lock

Totally redesigned, the 5th generation Razor offers true, old school Freestyle C kite performance with Bridle Lock.

Lock your bridle for a tight, snappy feel and less overall depower, reducing your sheeting range ensuring your next handle pass remains as explosive and powerful as your riding can handle.

Unlock the bridles for days that demand the added sheeting range and overall depower modern SLE kites now afford.

A single line re-ride depower system is recommended when Bridle Lock is engaged.

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