09 Bar Stuck to Safety Release

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Sorry if this has already been posted but OR riders should be sure to check and maintain your bar to prevent an accidental safety release. The top of my safety release was beat up a bit and the plastic was mushroomed out. I never noticed it but when I was kiting, I sheeted in all the way and when I sheeted out I heard a small pop…......never a good sound. The bar was stuck to the safety and when I sheeted out I actually engaged the safety release. I tried to be Ben Wilson and kite in unhooked but I crashed it. That’s the bad news.
The good news…..the Rise is bullet proof because it (and I) survived a leisurly swim through the impact zone, Ocean Beach SF, CA…..... on not the smallest day. 
The solution is just to trim down the plastic before it mushrooms up enough to catch the bar. I used a razor blade and it works fine now.


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Hi Glenn,
Thanks for pointing this out! We have posted a warning and how-to on this issue already, you can read it here: http://oceanrodeo.com/forums/viewannounce/1788_1/
No need to apologize, as this is a nasty little issue and Johns warning can be overlooked. Good to hear nothing serious happened to you!



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Indeed Glenn, very sorry to hear that this happened to you as it can be quite annoying. The one thing I might mention is that - with the exception of when you are stuck in the impact zone and thinking of nothing but survival - the 09 CL is actually very easily reset on the water when compared to other brand’s CL setups.

I am sorry you had that swim in and glad to hear you and the kite came out OK!

Creww - Check your CLs for the “mushroom burr” that Glenn mentions and I describe in the linked post above. If you have the burr - or not! - please file your top of your CL down to prevent the loop from releasing prematurely. Rest assured we have made an inline change to the CLs to avoid this issue.