2008 Rise Back line lengths

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I have 2008 Rise kites, a 12 a 10 and a 8, can someone tell me the correct back line lengths for all three kites [assuming all flying lines are equal length].

Any help would be appriciated.

I am the only sole OR rider in our state of Tasmania, Australia.

Thanking everybody in advance


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im ASSuming you are referring to the back lines attached to the loop on the kite and those that connect to the kook proof on your bar lines…..if so

loop to loop on 8m is   38 3/8 inches


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12m ‘08 Rise -  rear ( steering )  bridle line   113 cm /  44.5 inches loop-loop

Also there is a   6.5 cm / 2.5 inch pigtail ( loop to knot )  on the kite’s webbing attachment point, and on the kite end of the bar’s steering lines a kook-proof connector 10 cm / 4 inch ( loop to knot ).


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