Oceanrodeo 2007 ONE 14m

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Anybody knows the wind range for ONE 14 m (2007)?


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You know, we get a lot of talk about wind range….

Here’s my take on wind range - it is misleading. This is because someone with more flying experience will be able to hold a kite down in stronger winds and will be able to make a kite work better in lighter winds. There is also the MASSIVE factor of the rider’s weight to be factored in.

Here is the most simple formula I can come up with for our ONE kite’s “wind range”:

You can take a ONE kite out in wind conditions 4m lighter or stronger than what you would normally use a C kite in. For example, our 12m One is good for a tradtional 8m up to a traditional 16m’s wind range. However, it goes without saying that on the fringes of this range you are beginning to push your luck.

Hope this helps!

John Z - OR