Another Quiver queston

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Rider size = 260lbs(115kg)
Intermediate rider, hooked in riding, carving inland lake waves/swell, downlooping toeside turns, etc
Location = gusty inland lakes,
example day 1: avg 16kt to 22kt gusting to 28kt
example day 2: avg 22kt to 27kt gusting to 38kt
Example day 3:happens occasionally avg 27kt to 32kt gusting to 43kt I don’t have to ride these days but it might be nice to
Boards = Mako King & 144 TT

Need to upgrade my quiver.

Got a ride on a 2012 Razor 10m with winds avg 22-25kt gusting to 32-38kt. To sum up the session I had a huge smile on my face. At no time did I feel overpowered/out of control. I liked how it had grunt on demand coupled with snappy powered turns.

So question is:

Flight?  Size?
Razor 12m wish I could get a 14m
Razor 10m or 9m

Any other options will definitely be entertained.

Thanks for any and all help.
BTW these will be my first OR kites. I like how well built the 2012 Razor is cause I tend to be hard on gear.


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Big kite I would look at the 15 flight . Should work well 16 kt with the king.  If the wind does go lower and you still wish to ride the 17.5 would be better.

To match the flight you need a 12m and as you like the 10 Razor I would say this was the way to go.

A 9m works well with a 12m though at a pinch you could go to an 8m.
In strong gusty conditions I would look at the Rise over Razor. It is less aggressive so the gusts get absorbed more and goes well around the window to depower in the big gusts + has a little better top end.
Both Rise and Razor are superb for us big guys in strong winds
As to bars you need the big bar for the flight and it will work well with the 9m on its small setting and the 9m set slow The 12m you can play with to get your own feel.