Flite 2012 15m vs Rise 15m

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Hi, I would appreciate your comments about this two kites.



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The old 14m rise was a power house but not the easiest of kite to fly in the light as it tended to stall on the up stroke . If you got the technique right of pulling the bare in and releasing in time with the kite there weren’t any kites to match it
The 15 Flight was a lot easier to get the best out of though I always thought   the 14m had the bottom end edge If you could afford it the New flights are light years ahead and getting some stunning reviews


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Richard has it pretty spot on, but here is the simplest terms I can manage:

Rise 15m - A big kite of an older style. Good for heavier guys in lighter winds (as opposed to very light) or a decent kite for light wind but not forgiving of mistakes

2012 Flite 15m - Effective light wind kite. Easier to fly than the Rise, but still not the easiest of kites. Solid wind range and versatility. Great kite for light to moderate weight riders - the 17.5m of the same generation was much better for the big guys. These kites got you out and riding in light wind consistently.

Flite 2 (current) - High performance light wind kite. Turns amazingly fast, is extremely fun, and still has that ultimate low end. Perhaps not QUITE as much range as the previous generation, but better low end and user friendliness make it heaps better.

Rise 15 -> Flite 1 -> Flite 2 ... equates to… Good -> Better -> Best

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