Fifth line kit for the 06 Bar - questions

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I’ve been using a home made 5-th line kit with my 06 punch-out bar up until now.  It consisted of a piece of very durable marine rope passed through the hole in the bar next to the chicken loop plastic tubing.  I had to replace that piece fairly frequently, because of the extra wear due to the plastic tubing.  I have just received my fifth line kit that looks very similar to my home made line and am wondering how long it will last.  Has anyone had any experience using it?

I am thinking of using another PVC tubing that will wrap around the existing tubing and will allow the 5-th line rope to pass through.


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I have been using the factory 5th line from OR for over a year now and have had to do one simple modification to it.  If you are unhooking alot or using the 5th line as a safety line while learning unhooked stuff/passing the bar, you will get alot of wear on the fifth line where it gets pinched between the stopper ball and the point that it goes through the center of the bar.  I had a couple wear enough that eventually they snapped and I lost my kite.  Luckily, both times there were friends onshore that caught it for me.  It’s a pretty simple fix, just go to the local hardware or plumbing shop and get about 12” of plastic tubing that is just big enough to force the line through.  Put it on and take it to a shoe repair shop (they have strong enough needles to push it through the tubing and line) and get them to stitch a couple places at both ends of the tubing through the line as well.  I’ve been using the same fifth line for about 8 months now with lots of use and mostly unhooked stuff and it hasn’t worn at all.  Hope this helps.


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Rather than putting a piece of tubing over your existing punchout try flaring (use a large ball bearing etc.) a piece of tubing that you can squeeze into the hole in the bar. It requires taking everything apart but it’s well worth the effort. You can also purchase dinghy fairleads (nylon) from a marine supplier that can be glued into the hole. It’s all about avoiding plastic rubbing against fiberglass.


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