2006 Diablo with other brands 5 Line Bars

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I was thinking about getting a Naish Shift, Double Depower or Slingshot Profire bar to use with my 2006 12m Diablo. Has anyone else tried other bars with their Diablo’s. Is there a reason why it wouldn’t work. Some people have said the 5th line upgrade kit tends to wear out on the 2006 bars that’s why I am looking at going with an different bar.


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This is the beauty of this kite. It flies great on any bar out there, 4 or 5 lines, even the Y-line’rs. Pick the control system you like best.


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You should also consider just getting our 2007 C kite 5th line bar.

Available now through any authorized Ocean Rodeo Dealer (closest to you would be Bruce at Silent Sports )

Here’s an image of the 2007 5th line bar:

(Click HERE for a high res copy)

John Z