The unmodified 06’ 9m One


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I gel’n with the kite.
Its treating me so nice now that I’ve learned the timing and technique for turning and adjusting the knots for different conditions. My 1st impression was that thing turned slow, but now I don’t want it to turn any faster! Sheeting out to turn is the key, you need to be active while riding. Jumping requires a sheet out to initiate the power stroke, then a sheet in when the power builds and you are airborne…where you take it from there is up to you, but my favorite is ending a power stroke with a down loop right through the center of the wind window. Its gives you a lot of options on what to do next.
Wave riding is what I love the most from the very begining about this kite.
You can slow down, catch the energy of the wave and rip it up without getting pulled out of the trough all the way to the beach, then turn on the power and rip upwind to do it all over again.
What are the best things of this kite?
Eats up big gusts and keeps you in the game.
Goes upwind extremely well.
Wave riding, period.
With some practice, a very good and forgiving jumper.
Oh yea, I almost forgot…
It can easily survive a severe beating too.

I’m loving this kite!

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I agree

Craig, I fully agree with your statements.

I loved my 9m so much it was without doubt my best kite and most used kite last year, beginning to regret selling it now!!! :cry:

I havent tried the 7m One as we didnt have it in the uk last year but I would imagine thats pretty good too.

Heres to the 06 9m One.